Black-Hundred Books Should Not Have the Place on the Book Fair in Moscow!

(The joint application of the Moscow Bureau for Human Rights, the fund ‘Holocaust’ and the Moscow Anti-Fascist Centre)

The day before opening of the 22th Moscow International Book Fair its Organizing Committee released the application in which the remarkable words were told: ‘The Organizing Committee of the 22th MIBF without any censorship and supporting the constitutional guarantee for freedom of speech resolutely calls the participants of the Fair, the whole publishing community to show respectful attitude to religious, national feelings of colleagues and visitors’.

The Organizing Committee does not only ‘calls to allow no exposure and selling of the books that propagate national and religious intolerance which is incompatible with the spirit of the Moscow International Book Fair that advocates the ideals of humanism, cultural exchange and friendship between the peoples’, but also is obliged to take ‘upon itself any juridical risks related to early termination of working of the exhibit racks where the published production that is aimed to incite national, racial or religious enmity, humiliate national dignity, propagandize exceptionality, excellence or inferiority of citizens on the basis of their attitude to religion, national and racial belonging is exposed or sold’.

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