Ultra Right Wing Terrorism. Second Wave.

(The survey of The Moscow Bureau for Human Rights is prepared by S. Charniy)
The average extremists’ age in Russia spirals down. The recent announce of the arrest of 16 years old teen who was the member of neo-Nazis group imply sad feelings - Stpeter/. The second year education student of one of capital technical schools was about to commit in the city the series of terroristic acts, in particular to blow up the bomb of eight-kilogram weight at one of the most live places of the capital.

Nevertheless not the age of the arrested one strikes but his professionalism and fanatics. He had bought all components of the explosives himself and in several days crafted the handmade bombs; 2 kilo of ammonal and several detonating fuses made from acetone peroxide that he got with himself were confiscated from him. Upon the evidence of the militiamen the apprehended person has all skills of experienced demolition specialist: ‘Our bomb technicians were greatly surprised with the wide knowledge in that sphere after they talked to him’.

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