The Moscow Bureau for Human Rights

The Moscow Bureau for Human Rights is a non-commercial partnership registered by Moscow Registration Chamber on February 27th, 2002.
The Bureau for Human Rights maintains close contacts with the leading RF non-governmental organizations, the establishment of the Human Rights Commissioner in the RF, the Human Rights Commission under the President of the RF, the State Duma of the RF, the Public Chamber of the RF, the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian associations of a creative profession, the number of national and religious organizations.
The Bureau for Human Rights carries out daily monitoring of human rights abuse in the RF and special-purpose monitoring ‘Xenophobia, Racial Discrimination, Anti-Semitism and Religious Harassment in Regions of the RF’. The Bureau gets scores of messages, photos, and materials from newspapers daily from its regional representatives.
The information got throughout monitoring is posted on popular Internet-sites, in Russian and foreign MSM (2000 address of electronic mailing). The group of leading Russian and foreign experts, journalists works under the Bureau; they prepare articles, receptions and surveys for MSM and legal assistance organizations of the RF.
The monitoring digest is issued at the year-end. It is sent to the Administration of the President of the RF, to the senior officials of the constituent entities of the Federation, to the General Prosecutor’s Office of the RF and to the Ministry of Justice of the RF for analyzing the situation and taking measures.
The legal unit holds conferences of citizens; their interests are presented in courts, the juridical counseling is rendered. The “Hot Line” is operating.
The Bureau carries out cultural and outreach activities, publishing program; press-conferences, seminars and “round tables” for the tolerance educating questions are regularly held. Seminars of improving the work of law-enforcement authorities of the RF are held. The MBHR has established ‘The All-Russia Assembly of Societal Force for Counteraction Racism, Xenophobia, Extremism and Terrorism’ and legal assistance festival “For the Life
The projects of legal assistance to business, consumers rights, development of the civil society in the RF are realized, the control for the observance of human rights during the elections in the Russian Federation is held.
The Bureau has won the European Commission grant for carrying out 3-years project ‘Organization of the Civil Campaign for Counteraction Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia, and Anti-Semitism in the Russian Federation’. The research-work of the MBHR is regularly presented for the Council of Europe, PACE, OSCE, UN and UNESCO.
The Bureau for Human Rights is headed by Alexander BROD; he is the member of the Expert Council under the Human Rights Commissioner in the RF and the Public Chamber member of the RF.